Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bare Bones Ozone Generator review and best price

Bare Bones Ozone Generator

Bare Bones Ozone Generator description

The owner of Foreverozone invented (patent pending) the "bare bones" ozone generator concept in 2009 to fill a void in the marketplace. These units are easy to care for, easy to maintain, easy to fix , and easy to operate. We make "basic build" units with a fan and "bare bones" units such as this one without a fan. Simply place a fan behind the unit to disperse the ozone and cool the transformer (for long run times) and you're in business. Remediation contractors what use ozone generators to rid areas of odors (rotting flesh, mold, skunk, bacteria, smoke damage, mold, etc) use ozone because ozone (3 oxygen atoms) doesn't mask the smell, it breaks things down, gets rid of odors for good. Cheap, works fast, and very effective, anyone can perform ozone shock treatments with one of our machines as long as you follow our advice (manual) and adhere to all safety precautions. One of the reasons why a bare bones ozone generator makes sense is that ozone shock treatments are only performed in unoccupied areas (no risk of shock) and cleaning "garbage" from the inside of an ozone generator (a must) is an arduous and time consuming exercise in futility. (small screws often used will strip, become welded on over time). We invented these units to save you time and money.
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Bare Bones Ozone Generator features

  • Bare Bones Ozone Generator - Great Value
  • Lowest Priced "shock treatment" fully functional ozone generator in the world
  • Easy to replace ozone element
  • Simple to clean, care for.
  • Ozone shock treatments are only performed in closed, unoccupied rooms. No risk of shock.

Bare Bones Ozone Generator best price

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